Sunday Sailing

Good breeze at 90 degrees with little variation. Only one change of course at the 29ers course mid race. EYC race committee were on the ball. Wind shifts to right in last race allowed for lucky boats to gain some places. Heavier air benefited the weightier sailors at 10 to 15 knots. Despite a few capsizes a local sailor stayed sailing all the races. She looks promising because of her grit and getting very good starts.

Racing Saturday

Coaches corner early morning
Great thank you to coach support
4.7 ‘s join the Laser and Radials this event.

First day of racing started promptly at 11:00 a.m. with light breeze at 7 – 10 knots switching from 105 degrees to 85 degrees with persistent right bend making a favored tack for all the day. Lasers, Radials and 4.7’s got 4 races off. Two generals for the Radial fleet.

2.4’s and 29ers got 11 races in and comments made were complimentary of race committee with speedy turnarounds.

Conditions were overcast for entire day with low chop.

Disappointing turnout for Laser class with only one competitor.

Many sailing notables were here today to celebrate the 50th year of the Icebreaker. All of them could recall stories about how young they were when they did it. A full complement of Olympians were present on Saturday to show encouragement for sailing. Rod Davies sailed Laser, Richard Clark Volvo and Hobart racer represented Canada in Finn class. Tommy Wharton, Olympic coach for Lasers, Ken Dool presently coach for Olympic Sailing and five Olympics, Thomas Fogh National Team sailor and now coach and Mike Milner executive director of High Performance Sail Canada debriefed after racing.

A great thank you for the years of support in all your capacities and for encouraging youth sailing.

Supplemental Sailing Instructions


TS&CC Ice Breaker Regatta May 18-19, 2018

SCHEDULE OF RACES:    Racing is scheduled to take place on Saturday May 18th and Sunday May 19th, 2019.

The first Warning Signal is scheduled for 11:00 hrs on May 18th and at 10:00 hrs on May 19th.

Not more than 4 races are proposed on any one day except for the 49er, 49erFX and 29er classes where not more than 6 races are proposed on any one day.

No starting sequences will be initiated after 14:30 hrs on Sunday, May 19th.

RACE OFFICE & FLAG POLE:        The Race Office will be in the TS&CC Club House on the West side of the building.

The Regatta Flag Pole will be in front of the TS&CC Club House.

The Official Notice Board will be on the SW wall of the TS&CC Clubhouse.

MARKS:              Will be inflatables.  Colours to be described at the Competitors’ meeting and posted on the notice board

TIME LIMITS:     All classes and courses will have a 30 minute time limit for the first boat in the class to round Mark 1 (the Mark 1 Time Limit),  a similar 75 minute time limit for the Race Time Limit.  In all cases the last boat shall finish within a 15 minute time limit from the first boat finishing in its class, (the Finishing Window).

OTHER INFORMATION: A number of rule changes were made in the NoR.  Please see them on the notice board.

The course for the 4.7 Laser will be one less windward/leeward leg (W/L) than the Radials sail if the 4.7 sails in the same start as another Laser Class.  This means if the Radials sail 2 sets of windward/leeward legs the 4.7 will do 1 W/L and if Radials 3 then 4.7 do 2 W/L.  If the 4.7 are the only class starting they will do one less W/L than the signalled course.

A Competitors’ meeting is scheduled at TS&CC on Saturday May 18th, 2019 at 09:30 hrs.

If a mark is missing from the #2 Gate then the remaining mark shall be left to port.  If the weather mark is changed there will not be an offset mark at the changed mark.

Course Dufferin will be located centered approximately 150 degrees and 0.7nm from the TS&CC Clubhouse.  Fleets sailing on this course will be the 2.4M and all the skiffs.

Course Humber will be located centered approximately 220 degrees and 0.8nm from TS&CC

Flag D (Yellow with Blue horizontal stripe) displayed ashore with one sound signal means “the warning signal will be made not less than 30 minutes after flag D is displayed. Boats shall not leave shore until this signal is made. Flag D may be displayed together with a flag showing the class insignia of the fleet allowed to leave shore, otherwise all fleets may leave shore.

As per NoR 6:    Class Flag for the 420 Classes will be Numeral Pennant 1 (white with red circle) or Flag with 420 on it.                                   Class Flag for Radial will have a Laser Insignia with an “R” on the flag.

Class Flag for Laser Standard will have a Laser Insignia on a flag.

Class Flag for 4.7 will be a 4.7 on a contrasting background flag

May 14, 2019